Friday, 27 February 2009

Bonus photo Friday

Shot Tower, Melbourne Central (an 1880s building preserved within an early 1990s retail development, which is pretty damn excellent when you think about it)

Monash Freeway footbridge


  1. that tower is weird but totally cool :) what a great way to preserve it!

    the bottom shot - i can feel the heat in the sun and emanating from the bitumen - wonderful pic :) warm warm warm

  2. I love the design and symmetry in these images... where you an architect or engineer in your past life (lol)?

  3. I'm really enjoying your photoblog Jayne! You've got some fantastic shots.

  4. You've captured the sunlight and shadows brilliantly in that lower shot.
    Love the perspective of the shot-tower photo :)

  5. As an engineering student at RMIT we used to go fly paper planes in the tower area.. not for the flight but to see what happened when we nailed people on the ground floor!

  6. Hi Victoria. It is a great way to preserve it -it's quite a nice space, as shopping centres go.

    The bottom shot is very toasty looking. It was a hot day so I bet the bitumen would have been verrrry warm.

    Thanks Cath. Who knows? Maybe!

    Hi Mrs Blueballs. Thank you - and I do really appreciate you stopping by knowing as I do how full your plate has been lately.

    Thanks Jayne. I have taken a few shots of the tower over the years, but I do like the off-centre perspective on this one.

    Hey db. Bloody engie knobheads. ;)


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