Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Soccer in the city

Alexandra Gardens


  1. Having the gardens all around the city is one of the best features of Melbourne.

  2. Absolutely. I had to make it a black and white though so the virtual dustbowl they are playing on didn't look so bad.

  3. I really like your eye for subjects :)

  4. Thank you, Jayne. Some days I struggle to find something to photograph, and other days I end up not being able to choose which photo to post.

  5. Also nice framing using the tree branches in the top corner.

  6. in reply to your previous comment-reply, i am so with you! some days i think 'what the hell am i going to take pics of today!?' and other days i struggle to pick just one to post.

    my myspace friend Bronwen did the 365 self-portrait project last year - now THAT would be hard!!! the last thing i would want to take pics of every day would be myself hahaha ;)

    there is one called '52' though, which is a self-portrait a week...maybe i could manage that. next year eh?

    loving your blog(s)



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