Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Old pier

I love that remnants of this old wooden pier have survived the redevelopment of the south side of the river


  1. I've never noticed it. Looks like it would be out of bounds to walk out onto.

  2. Is that the one near Southbank?

    A former work mate was involved in the project near the aquarium when they reconstructed the turning bay in the river. He said that they were uncovering all sorts of stuff during that process.

  3. I'm amazed it's been left, what with litigation-hungry society, etc.
    But, yes, it's easy on the eye and full of character.

  4. That's funny, I walked past that on Friday and thought the same thing. It's hard to believe now that that part of the Yarra was Melbourne's main port. Even harder to believe that right near that spot there was once a beautiful waterfall, which was blown up to allow for shipping.

  5. Andrew you can't walk on to it. It's like a little island that's no longer attached to the river bank.

  6. clubwah - They have done a heap to the river over time. Amazing how it has changed.

  7. Hi Andrew. I only noticed it last year some time. You can't walk out on it like you would a normal pier because it's sort of free standing, although there is a little stub of it joining the land. It's like they just forgot to come back and finish demolishing it.

    Hello DB. Yes, between Southgate and Freshwater Place, on the south side though. They reconstructed the turning bay?

    Hey Jayne. Yep, it seems like it's just begging for a kid to fall off it and crack his skull open. I love old weathered wood - the texture and character of it.

    Hi Clubwah and thanks for dropping in. A waterfall? It is hard to believe. I didn't know that. The more you know the more more you realise you don't know.


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