Monday, 18 July 2011

Say 'aaaaah'

Chapel Street, South Yarra

Friday, 15 July 2011

Weekend in Walhalla V - the cemetery

The cemetery in Walhalla is spectacular - as we turned the bend past the old railway station, we looked up and there it was, old white gravestones spread out across a steep hill with a white picket fence around it.

Here's a small selection of my photos.

Through the fog

Rowing on the Yarra

The sun over AAMI Park trying to burn through the fog

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Weekend in Walhalla IV - buildings

Richmond & Gloz - Carpenters, builders and undertakers etc.
I love the 'etc' tacked on the end

The lovely Windsor Guesthouse.

An old shed on the main street. 

I think this is the old Freemasons Lodge or something like that.

An old railway building

Weekend in Walhalla III - old things

Gold mining railway thingie

Steam train

Disused windmill thingie (I know all the technical terms)

The old Bank of Victoria vault where the gold from
the mine was kept

The fire station dunny

Weekend in Walhalla II - wagon wheels

At the Long Tunnel Mine

Close up of rusty wagon wheel

In front of a house on the main road

This wheel is actually still attached to a decaying wagon

Weekend in Walhalla I - birds

This young kookaburra was our constant companion during breakfast -
a spoonful of mince wasn't enough for him

A currawong eyeing off our breakfast

This wonga pigeon stood perfectly still in this position for so long
we weren't sure if it was real!
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