Wednesday, 25 February 2009

It rained!

OK, perhaps it was only drizzle, but moisture did fall from the sky today
(Shot is of beads of water on a silver seat/sculpture thingie on Elizabeth Street, city)


  1. Lovely texture you've captured!

  2. Didn't see it, wasn't there, caught the rumour, hard to believe!!!

  3. fingers cross for more in the near future!
    3.5mm or thereabouts so far this year. not good.

    I like the way you captured a bit of light and shadow in the reflection.

  4. Thanks Cath. I'm quite a fan of texture!

    Hi Jayne. It was hard to believe but it did happen. Not very widespread though.

    Yes, db, fingers crossed for more, but your fingers will probably fall off before we get a decent downpour.

    The shadow is a reflection of a nearby tree.

  5. FL - true on the fingers.. we may have to get out in the park and do a nude rain dance.. then again that might scare the possums!

    i see the tree now in the reflection.. nice one.


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