Sunday, 8 February 2009


35 people confirmed dead as bushfires rage across Victoria. The toll is expected to exceed 40


  1. by far the worst thing about all this is the authorities believe some of the fires were deliberately started...i cannot for the life of me grasp WHY someone would do such a thing - ever.

    it beggars belief.

    a sad day indeed.

  2. It's virtually impossible to understand - although I did read the comments of Australia's only firebug profiler who said people who start fires often feel alienated or overlooked by society and firelighting is a way to get back at them or assert themselves. But knowing why someone does it in no way makes it any easier.

    As I type, 65 deaths have been confirmed. 65.

  3. Now 84. Expected to keep climbing.

  4. It has now been confirmed that some of the fires were deliberately lit, there is talk of charging the offenders with murder, when they are bought before the courts.Utter Madness ... ......who in their right mind would light any kind of fire in those conditions ??????

  5. Oh my. That is so sad. I thought it was tragic enough before I read that they believe them to have been arson. Bad bad bad.

  6. After talking to my parents who were close to the Beechworth filres and what happened up there I can only imagnie how traumatic an experience it must have been in Marysville and King Lake.

  7. Hey Abbeysmum. Only people with serious psychological/psychiatric issues would light a fire deliberately knowing the potential damage it could do...surely?

    Hopefully the police will track them down. They seem to be making some progress already.

    Hey Emm. Yep, it's tragic enough without the arson factor. Right now people seem mostly shocked and distraught or just relieved to be alive, but when it comes, the anger is going to be....massive. And quite rightly.

    Hey db. I can't imagine. Even seeing it on TV and hearing the first hand accounts, I just can't imagine it.


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