Friday, 13 February 2009


The smoke-shrouded sun setting over the Botanic Gardens
(with bonus swans)


  1. Beautiful.
    The sun reflected in the water reminded me of photos I have seen of a festival in Korea, where everyone in the town gathers at the edge of the lake/river and sets adrift floating lanterns with little candles in them, quite an amazing sight.They are meant to be carrying prayers.
    What a great idea for a thanksgiving for all who were saved and commemoration of all who were lost, it would be a spectacular and uplifting event.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I'm in the throes of preparing for a move to Melbourne at some point this year!

  3. Nice one Jayne. pity the water is dropping in the lake again. Maybe they need another swim championships to top it up!

  4. Hi Abbeysmum. Thank you. It was beautiful and serene, but knowing that it would have looked different had there not been smoke in the atmosphere from the fires takes the er...shine off it a little.

    That would be a lovely way to commemorate the lives lost in the bushfires. Very uplifting.

    Hello CathM and welcome (to my blog I mean, not Melbourne, just yet). Melbourne is ace. I'm sure you will love it. If you need anyone to show you around, give me a yell!

    Hey db. Fortunately you can't tell from the photo just how hideous the lake looks at the moment. Between the low water level and the blue-green algae outbreak, it's awful. Murky and slimy looking and with muddy banks.

    Another swim championship? Please explain!


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