Tuesday, 17 February 2009

High on the hill

...the clock on the silo says 26 degrees (if you look closely at it)
Punt Road, South Yarra


  1. did you guess correctly today? ;)

  2. I strained... but, yes - I see the 26 degrees (chuckle)! ps Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment on my blog. Really appreciated:)

  3. You are into the B+W at the moment!
    did you walk up the punt rd hill?
    if so it is a killer!

  4. Hi Victoria. No, I forgot to make a guess before I saw it. I was coming from the opposite direction so my whole routine was thrown out.

    Hi Cath. No probs. I'm always curious to check out the blogs of anyone who comments on mine.

    Hey db. Sometimes things just look better in black and white. Fortunately, I was coming from the South Yarra side, so I only walked down the hill. I do walk up it sometimes - gets the heart pumping.

  5. FL - is the hill on your normal route home or can you detour along the river?

    sad to hear but Nylex is going to sell up. One more Oz company gone.

  6. No, not on my normal route. I live just on the city side of Punt Road. I was coming home from an appointment in Windsor.

    I didn't know Nylex was being sold off. Yep, another one bites the dust. I hope the new owners don't abandon the Nylex clock...

  7. Aaaah. So it's cooling down? We stayed in South Yarra when we visited.

  8. FL - I think the clock is heritage listed like the skipping girl sign.


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