Thursday, 19 February 2009


Looking across Birrarung Marr to the city from a different angle to yesterday


  1. Well Done, Shadow Shooter.

    Pretty impressive for your first foray into the shadow world,waiting to see any further shadows from the shutter.

  2. b+w gets addictive huh? ;)

    nice shot.

  3. Hey Abbeysmum. Thank you. I actually took another shadow shot that I liked better but I want to save that to submit to Shadow Shot Sunday instead (over at Gleeful maybe - need to check Hey Harriet blog again re the timing of submissions).

    Hello awip. It does. I love black and white, although one of the reason why this and some other shots have been in black and white is to disguise how hideously brown the grass is!

  4. FL - not wrong on the brown grass. hopefully there is more of the sprinkle of rain we had this morning.. somehow i doubt it though


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