Friday, 30 January 2009


That's Melbourne at the top of the list
(0.5 degrees off the hottest day ever)


  1. Hope the worst of the heat is over for you. On the way home from work tonight it was dark and I noticed what looked like a silver bendy ribbon in the sky, as I looked through the windscreen I saw it slowly show that it was the moon behind the top rim of a cloud and the magical ribbon gradually disappeared, quite special.

  2. Thanks, Abbeysmum. I think it is. *Only* temps in the 30s forecast for the next week.

    I've just been out admiring the silvery ribbon of the moon too! Tried to take a photo of it, but they didn't look any good.

  3. FL - How much nicer is it today? even being more humid.. ahh that's enough about the weather.


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