Friday, 9 January 2009

I didn't go in lest I be smote...

St Patrick's Cathedral


  1. you heathen!


    awesome shot...spooky...

  2. The cathedral is a little bit spooky - possibly because there was almost no one around when I was there, but also simply because it's such a dark, hulking Gothic mass of stone. By contrast, St Paul's (the Anglican cathedral) seems much more benign, possibly because the lighter coloured stone glows a little in the sun, especially at dusk when it takes on a golden hue.

    I do intend to go back and have a look inside St Pat's though.

  3. Not religious ?
    There is some power that guides us, who or what it is , is not for us to say.What organised religion knows the truth?
    If you are a good person and have your own spirituality and values for living,you have a worthy soul.
    I lean toward Buddhism,no killing(vegetarian) , be mindful of all you do etc.pretty simple.


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