Wednesday, 28 January 2009



  1. Hi there,I am hoping you will not be too "cooked" during the next few days,a good idea is to put a 2 or 3 litre plastic(milk ones are strong) bottle of water in the freezer and when it is frozen you can put your feet on it wherever you have to be.... watching t v. preparing food etc.Something else you can do is put spare blankets or throws over the curtain rods or pinned to the curtains,the closer to the glass the better, you can safety pin fabric to the slat holding chords if you have blinds,anything to help insulate.
    When I was traveling in Cambodia I learned pretty quick to drink twice as much water as usual(at least 4 litres a day) or your head aches so badly you can't think straight.Do hope you will be O.K.

  2. Aw, thanks Abbeysmum. It's mad weather! I'm fortunate that I work in air conditioning all day (which is actually too cold but I'm not complaining at the moment!) and I have air conditioning in my bedroom. The flat is warm without being unbearable at the moment, but it's going to get very hot. I only have a curtain on one side of my living area which blocks a lot of the sun and that side does get the afternoon sun. The other window doesn't have blinds or curtain rods and I don't think I have the wherewithall to rig up something makeshift...I need to get some short little nails.

    I've requested blinds and/or curtain rods be installed in the living area. Might give the property manager a call tomorrow and press a bit harder.

    I usually drink 2-3 litres of water a day so I will make sure I guzzle even more.

    And I'd better go and buy some milk in plastic bottles too.

  3. Update - I have rigged up a make shift curtain using thumbtacks and a flannelette sheet! Don't know if it will make a lot of difference with the onslaught to come, but we'll see.

  4. Well Fl it has to do something. I had a rather uncomfortable evening on the dining room floor in front of the air con. Even it was not doing a lot.

  5. Hey db. I probably shouldn't say that I had a reasonably comfortable night with just my fan on the medium setting....

    Tonight might be a different story.

  6. Lucky You!

    One of the guys here took one look at me this morning and said "you should go get some sleep. You look knackered". which is probably not far from the truth. tonight i will be trying again in the dining room! may use the blow up pool more though.


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