Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Blowin' in the wind

In the grounds of St Francis Catholic Church,
corner Elizabeth and Lonsdale Streets


  1. Nice timing Jayne,

    I used to work next to the church (in the tower above Melbourne Central) and there used to be all these clay animals on the roof of the building next door. Every so often they would be moved around. Could never figure out why.

  2. Hi Victoria. I thought so! I wondered if they were flying the flag for that reason. I can't say I've ever noticed any flags there before. much less an American one.

    Hi db. What the? Clay animals that move around? That's very peculiar! I have a "what the?" moment when I'm walking home under the Swan Street bridge where there is a hand shape cut from what looks like Astro-turf stuck to the base of the bridge! Eh?

  3. It is good to have those moments FL. I have emailed you a picture of the animals from google maps. Bit fuzzy but you can see the outlines of them.


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