Saturday, 3 January 2009

Target x2

Not one, but two Target puzzles in the paper today!


  1. and you got both 9-letter words!!!

    clever-clogs ;)


  2. Yes, but I did dismally with my overall word count on one of them. Don't even think I made it to 'good'.

  3. I love to do these too, but I don't buy magazines or papers, so I only get to do them sometimes.I love sudoko, have you tried them? they are quite addictive for a while, then they get boring.

  4. Hi Abbeysmum. I only do the Target on weekends because that's the only day I buy actual newspapers. The Age (and probably other newspapers) has a Target puzzle online every day though I don't seem to find the time during the week to do it(

    I've never tried a Sudoko because I'm much more a word person than a numbers person.


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