Thursday, 8 January 2009


A pint of Little Creatures on Thursday afternoon


  1. a PINT???? oooh, such a *manly* drink hehehehe

    mind you don't fall in and drown dear! ;)

  2. I know! Funny how a pint-sized drink is big but a person described as pint-sized is small. But then I guess a pint is a big drink but much smaller than a I'll shut up now.

    In hindsight, a pot would have done. I felt slightly shmooozled in the head walking home.

  3. Looks almost as good as my after work Gin & Tonic .

  4. Beer is never going to replace G n Ts in my heart.

  5. Good to see you love a G & T.
    I work for a wine buff, with an extensive cellar, in winter we try all different Shiraz from the stash, but in the warm weather we both prefer a G&T with a dash of bitters, oh my mouth is watering :-)

  6. Mmmm...mine too. It's the perfect summer drink. I love it with fresh lime smooshed in the bottom of the glass.


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