Friday, 17 April 2009

Paris, trash

Ozimek Lane, off Hardware Street in the city


  1. There are more colours in the bins than in the graffiti!

    Note the upturned milk crates for waiter/chef smoking seats

  2. Is that the 'Paris end' of Ozimek Lane??

    boom-tish. I am here all week. try the veal.

  3. Quite glamorous trash shelter you have here. Even the graffiti is so clean.

  4. Hey Db. Hehe. Dammit, why didn't I think of that one!!

    They do kind of match though, don't they, the bins and the graffiti?

    Hey chrome. Yes, as city laneways go, this one's quite respectable!

  5. What great colours. I am sure this shot is taken just next to the little cafe called Beetroot. That is such a nice place.

  6. Hi Hans. Yes, you are corrent! You know the laneways of Melbourne better than some Melburnians!

    I like the way the colours of the bins match the graffiti. Or probably vice versa.

  7. Oh - I have had several coffees there, and they have som great muffins as well. Also, La La Land on the right side of this lane is nice place to get too many beers :)


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