Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Ye olde city lights

Thinking I should have called my blog Girl on Bridge...


  1. ...yes...then you would have an excuse for travel - bridge-spotting ;)

    i'd LOVE to go to that masssssssively high one in France (though i would probably pass out from vertigo hahaha) the Millau Viaduct. awesome.

    nice shot, Frisky :)

  2. Can´t you go under the bridge to get a different kind of view or something? In case you need variation?

  3. I reckon you could go for the reflection shot of the bridge on the yarra surface.. might be a bit hard with limited light after work.

  4. Hi AWIP. Do I need one? I already had the libraries of the world tour...

    Hey chrome. Well...I don't need variation - I love the view and the way it looks different depending on the weather and the time of day and year. But I am conscious that other might be getting sick of looking at it!

    Hello db. You must have missed that one! Did it back in March. (It wasn't a great shot so you didn't miss much.)


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