Thursday, 23 April 2009



  1. When I saw your name, frisky librarian I had to check out your blog. I love that word "frisky"!
    & you didn't disappoint,I am glad to have found your two blogs.
    I like your foggy start photo & The fountain photo. The water shooting up almost looks like people standing around in a circle. Was that intentional by the designers of the fountain or is that just the way you caught it when taking the picture?
    &, have you thought of using the follow gadget on your blog?

  2. FL - hmm I am trying to figure out what that is.. you are going to have me thinking all day now!

  3. OK, so you've started a "Name that thing" competition LOL.
    No flippin' idea but it's certainly different ;)

  4. Mwahahaha. You'll never guess!

    Hello Lily. Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely compliments. I um...didn't realise I had to actually add the followers gadget which shows what an ignoramus I am. But I will attend to it now...

  5. Oh, hang on. Lily, I do have followers...I just don't have them visible on my blog. So you should be able to follow my blog if you wish. Is the follow button not there?

  6. Put some groovy fonts there and you have a classic psychedelic LP cover.

  7. OK, i'll tell ou what it is now (and probably no one will come back to see!).

    You know those old fashioned specimen vases with the glass bobbles on the bottom that have little bubbles in it? It's one of those, shot from the bottom (ie upside down). The dark hole in the middle is looking up into the cylindrical vase.


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