Friday, 3 April 2009

Bonus photo Friday

Sandridge Bridge

Every day is sky watch day...the clouds this morning (pre-thunderstorm)


  1. Must have been some storm then! There is a gloomy shadow up there too. Like a big sky whale behind the clouds.

  2. I can remember galloping over that bridge in an old red rattler train with the doors wide open on hot Summer days.
    Air-con old school style ;)

  3. I really like the clouds you captured in that second photo.

  4. I love photos of bridges, great photo

  5. Hey chrome3d. It was a pretty good storm for this part of the world, although I was stuck in my office so didn't get to fully appreciate it. I was itching to get oustide with my camera.

    Hehe. Skywhale. I like it.

    Thank you, Greg. I think my blog should be called Sky in Melbourne...

    Hello Jayne. When was it last used at a rail bridge? I could look it up myself, but I bet you know! I've only lived in Melbourne since 92, so it was definitely before my time....yes, it was. 1987. I had to look it up.

    Hey George. Me too! I think the clouds look like a fleece as it's thrown on the table fresh from the sheep's back (showing my farm girl roots there). I'm a little obsessed with clouds. Thank god for my camera phone, because the battery died on my Canon as soon as I clicked the shutter on the first pic!

    Hi Deb. Thanks. I'm quite partial to a bridge photo myself.


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