Monday, 20 April 2009

Foggy start

Walking to work this morning.


  1. ethereal atmospheric shot...

    love it!

  2. ooooh, me likey...the fog is so dense that it couldn´t be much more than that.

  3. Uh-uh - I guess autumn is well and truly on the way for you!

  4. Thanks AWIP!

    Hey chrome. It was the thickest fog I've seen in a long time, although I was up earlier than usual. PThis was about 8am, but it was still quite dense when I got to the city around 8.30. Perhaps I would see fog like this more often if I didn't sleep until 8am on weekdays.

    Hey Emm. Well, actually, no. We are only 6 weeks away from winter according to the calendar, but the weather has been unusually mild and warm. Today was a lovely sunny day and there's more to come this week. I haven't worn gloves or a scarf yet and I'm only wearing a light jacket in the mornings. Global warming, I suppose...

  5. Oh okay! Well, Spring hasn't really sprung in the UK - we have flowers but not much in the way of blue skies!!

  6. FL - that bridge just keeps on giving! you would have no idea about what lies behind the fog!
    I used to work on the 50th floor of a tower in the city and some days you would have the fog with just the top of the buildings visible. very surreal.

  7. Hi again Emm. Flowers are something at least. Actually, now I think of it, a lot of trees here still have most of their leaves (the ones that weren't shed during the extreme heat back in Jan/Feb anyway).

    Hello Jayne. Thank you.

    Hey db. I know! Where would I be without it? On another bridge, no doubt. I couldn't see the Nylex clock from my window at home the fog was that thick.

    I saw a photo recently of that very thing - the tops of skyscrapers poking up out of thick fog. It was cool and bizarre.


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