Saturday, 18 April 2009

Bonus photo Saturday

On the fabulous old building that houses JB Hi-Fi on Chapel Street, Prahran

That view, this time with boat


  1. I do enjoy visiting your blog daily :) Great and unusual snaps...

  2. The boat makes such a nice small waves. Quit e fabulous worn eagle

  3. Hi Cath. Thanks for popping in.

    Hey chrome. I love the texture of the boat's wake, and the building that the eagle sits on is great - so old and flaking. Loads of character!

  4. FL - How long did you have to wait for the boat??

  5. Hi db. I didn't have to wait. I saw it chugging towards me as I was crossing the bridge. It was the clouds that caught my eye to begin with. The boat was just an added extra.


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