Wednesday, 23 December 2009


One of the window boxes of Soft Belly on Little Bourke Street

Girl in Melbourne will be coming to you from Wauchope/Port Macquarie on the NSW mid-north coast from December 24 until January 1. Posting might be sporadic.
Actually, I won't be posting daily from January 1. I started this blog on January 1 this year with the intention of posting a photo every day for 12 months and although it's been fun, I'm quite looking forward to being less disciplined.


  1. Ah, that is a shame. You have a clear-eyed view of Melbourne and a minimalist style of presentation that I appreciate. I do understand the discipline required.

    Nice to know that you hail from NSW and just sorta migrated southwards.

    FL it has been a joy to discover you at the business end of 2009. May your Friday be filled with laughter, love and friendship in the company of those for whom you care most.

    My kindest regards

  2. We have included your blog in our guide Around The World.

    The guide is both a record of old blogs and a listing of new blogs. Although originally arising from the "City Daily Photo Blog" lists this is an independent publication. Inclusion here does not imply that a blog qualifies for nor is officially a CDPB. Our criteria are that photographs mainly from and related to a specific geographical location (not necessarily a "city" but usually more specific than a whole country or region) are posted at dated intervals (not necessarily daily) and archives are kept which are readily searchable by date.

    Please keep us informed of any changes to your details.

  3. Beautiful! Whenever I want a breath of spring ... I come to your site! Helps brighten up our winter!

    Wishing you a wonderful & Happy New Year!

    Small Footprints

  4. I've not been around much myself this year but I've always enjoyed your posts. Looking forward to seeing what 2010 brings.


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