Sunday, 13 December 2009

Before the drought

...this was a water wall fountainy thing. 'Copenhagen?' appeared on the mural in the past couple of weeks.


  1. I like the dry-water hole motif as the background. The entire effect is to treat the reader with respect. I like this.

    Where is it? City Square, Collins St - Is that near the Town Hall?

  2. Copenhagen is packed with VIP's and demonstrations these days. Let's hope they will manage to reach a good deal for our planet.

  3. Brilliant!

    You have to know what it usually is, but a very powerful statement.

  4. Ah makes more sense now that I remember the fountain. Who put this sign up?

  5. Hi Julie. Thanks. Yes, it is just opposite the Town Hall.

    Hey Hans. Fingers crossed. It's an uphill battle...

    Hello Bill. Yes, I thought it was quite clever of them to turn it from a water feature into a ...cracked earth feature. Not sure who is responsible for the addition of the "Copenhagen?" though.

    Hey Anon - not sure who put it up. I assume it was sanctioned by the council, although I think I'd like it more if someone did it under cover of darkness.


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