Monday, 21 December 2009


I love seeing the remnants of signs painted onto old bricks. This Dunlop Rubber Co sign is in the alley that runs between Duckboard Place and ACDC Lane in the city.


  1. Must go and take a photo to upload to this site, Or could use yours, with full credit and link to your site? Do please let me know if you come across other old sign that we don't have yet.

    Maybe better to look at the Google map directly. The link is at the bottom of the page of the above url. Note, there are two pages a the Google map, link to the second at the bottom.

  2. Hi Andrew. I love that site. The photos are just fantastic. I haven't looked in a while - must remember to pop in again.

    You could upload my photo if you like, although you might want to take one that is more sign and less rubbish bin?

    There's also some fading signs in Higson Lane nearby, although some creative soul has drawn a penis on a no parking sign right near it...

    I think I might start a run of fading signs.... Nice to have a little theme.

  3. I love those old signs too. Not crazy about seeing so much graffiti though. It's everywhere you go now.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  4. Thanks FL. I might crop the photo, but then maybe not. I like a bit of context. I better take a look around that part of town soon.

  5. Dunlop part of it was so faded that it was one of the last things I saw there. Urban layers to chew.

  6. Oops missed this post. I, too, like faded signs and have an occasional series. I have discovered another one in Sydney that I will capture during the break.


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