Monday, 14 December 2009

Bricked in

This old brick wall in Little Collins Street encloses the large garden of the exclusive, men only Melbourne Club, but in the late 1800s the wall formed part of housing occupied by some of Melbourne's poorer residents. You can see where the windows have been bricked in.


  1. Like this sort of shot. And the history angle. Bloody Melbourne Club ...

  2. Love the photo!
    Encompasses everything you said :)

  3. Thanks Julie. Yes, bloody Melbourne Club! I've found out that they sometimes have an open day so people can view the garden. Apparently it has three of Melbourne's oldest and biggest plane trees. I'd love a peek...

    Thanks Jayne. I took many shots of passers-by!

  4. I would love you to take a peek. So go on ... look up their website and stick it in yer diary.

  5. This photo is so evocative, particularly with all the 'ordinary people' passing by the Melbourne Club.


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