Sunday, 13 June 2010

Girl in New York: on the street

Street press thingummies are everywhere

My hotel (behind the traffic light) on West End Avenue on the Upper West Side

No wheelie bins in Manhattan (and I'm told there are no alleys)

Haha. Good one!

The Palace Theatre at Times Square where I saw West Side Story

 Everything's neon in Times Square. Even the police and subway stations have their names up in lights

Somewhere downtown looking towards Wall Street

Outside the Guggenheim. This was the first yellow school bus I saw and I got a bit excited (on the inside). Just like in the movies!

Taxi! Times Square again


  1. How lovely. My NY homesickness is well and truly back!

  2. When we were in Hawaii, our Australian friends were so excited to see a yellow school bus. We didn't realize they're such an iconic American thing.

  3. Great shots! I've never thought of NY being too yellow! LoL


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