Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A glimpse of sunshine

This was the only appearance of the sun on Melbourne's coldest day in two years

Taken from Swan Street bridge


  1. Wow
    Very awesome, very beautiufl!!

    you take great photos!

  2. Beautiful shots! Melbourne is such a beautiful city :) And you're so great at capturing the right moments.

  3. Beautiful photos! It's been nearly a year since I went to Melbourne (area), and I really miss it. Loved being able to visit such an awesome city and country!

    Shelley @ Shutter Bug

  4. If you hadn't snapped it I wouldn't have believed it actually made an appearance at all!

  5. Howdy Dear F.L:Loved All Your Photos...
    Have Always Been Moved By Your Photos Of Your Beloved Home City,Which Recall A Seemingly Lost Childhood Visits There (In The 50's) Yes Much Has Changed...
    Moved To The NYC In 1960,Love The Way You See The City I Grew Up In (Sheepshead Bay & Coney Island...
    Is This Guy A Copy Cat Or What I Seem To Recall An Almost Exact Photo Of Yours:
    Love Your F.L: Blog & Your Girl In Melbourne Photo Log As Well...
    Peace To You & Yours...

  6. I love those two shots! Beautiful light. Good job Melbourne Girl!


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