Monday, 7 June 2010

Girl in New York: Coney Island epic

The pier

Looking back from the pier to the amusement parks

The boardwalk

The pier again

Shoot the Freak (a live target) with paintballs!

75 shots for only $20!

The Wonder Wheel, one of two original rides remaining at Coney Island, dates back to 1920

 The Cyclone rollercoaster is the other original ride and has been there since 1927

Nathan's - the best hotdogs in New York

One Italian sausage hero, please


  1. Nice pictures, I was there last september and took a hotdog from Nathan's, very good.

  2. Love the photo's they are awesome, you're making me think I need to do something similar, although mine are now where near as good!

  3. Hey biebkriebels. I was skeptical about the claims Nathan's were the best, but it was indeed true.

    Thanks BG. Give it a go! Don't forget the photo of you-know-who! :D


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