Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Girl in New York: eats

Grimaldi's pizza under the foot of the bridge in Brooklyn. Delicious.

The diner from Seinfeld (the facade anyway)

Yes, of course I ate there. BLT with obligatory pickle

One of the ubiquitous hotdog vendors

Corned beef hash with eggs and potato. The corned beef looked like dog food and tasted like dog food smells. Not like ours at all.

Chicken soup with matzoh balls (from the same diner as above,
which was near my hotel)

Nathan's cheese and bacon fries at Coney Island. Yes, that yellow sludge is cheese. Not as tasty as their "world famous" hotdogs

Granola with yogurt, berries and walnuts = YUM. (The diner again)


  1. Yikes! How's your stomach after that lot?

  2. Surprisingly not too badly. I thought I'd beaten my gluten intolerance into submission but it's come back. Nice of it to co-operate while I was on holidays.

    I did actully eat some vegetables while I was there!

  3. just thinking about the fat content of some of these is making me feel ill!


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