Friday, 13 November 2009

Warm and fuzzy

Beside the river, under the freeway


  1. there's something very 70s about this pic :)
    (in a noice way)

  2. I envy your summer. We have three hours of sunshine in November so far up here in the north. Not impressing :)

  3. Hi AWIP. I know what you mean. What initially caught my eye (before I got close and got my camera out) was a girl jogging along the path and the sun was lighting up her blond hair. It makes me think of old album covers with back- lit hippy girls.

    Hey Hans. Eep! Three hours of sunshine! Do you all get Seasonal Affective Disorder? Unfortunately while our summers offer plenty of daylight, the heat is becoming extreme. We're in the middle of a record-breaking November hot spell.

  4. There is something hippy here. I can feel it too, the Astral Weeks-vinyl playing in the background.


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