Monday, 16 November 2009


Looking to the city and the new sports stadium from Hoddle Bridge yesterday (I haven't left my flat today). It's depressing how quickly the banks of the river are fading from lush green to yellow/brown.


  1. Thanks for the larger pics, fantastic....hope you are having a long weekend and are not ill.

  2. looks like melbourne has the same crane invasion as brisbane ;)

  3. Stadium? I can see stadium lights off to the right, or are you talking about the domed structure? I think I drove past the domes the other week, had no idea what it was. I was curious. It has geo... something written along the fence/wall along the road? Am I thinking of the right place? I don't remember the cranes, put they were probably too high to see out the passenger window.

  4. Hello Abbeysmum. Alas, not a long weekend.

    Hi AWIP. Yep, it's like you can't look anywhere without seeing a crane.

    Hey Trevor. That's the MCG on the right. The domed structure is going to be a new stadium for rugby and soccer.

  5. I like dome structures and I´m sure you will some day show me the finished building.


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