Saturday, 14 November 2009


I had lunch with a friend at a restaurant on the St Kilda foreshore today. The sea breeze was beautiful.
(Yup, I've had a little make-over so that my photos are larger)


  1. Your make-over looks excellent and the photo has more impact.

    Beach life in are so lucky.

  2. Thanks. I really should have got around to doing it ages ago!

    St Kilda is actually considered pretty average as beaches go. Melbourne's beaches are nothing compared to Sydney's, or those elsewhere in Victoria.

    And I feel ungrateful saying it now, but I'm not a beach goer. Too hot, too crowded, too glarey, too sandy, too salty, plus I'm fair skinned and paranoid about getting eaten by a shark. The water down south is also too cold. I haven't been swimming at the beach down here in YEARS. Much more pleasant up north.

    I feel really un-Australian saying that but it's true.

  3. Love the make-over, very impressive!

    That could double as a postcard "Having fun here in St Kilda, glad you're not here" ;)

  4. Lunch at the foreshore in St. Kilda? That must have been Beachcomber, Stokehouse or Donovan's.

    Used to live just across the street (literally) from where this photo is taken, and I didn't spent much time at the beach either - too many dogs. But I like the restaurants - especially Donovan's.

    I miss Melbourne...


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