Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The tide is high

The city from near Swan Street Bridge


  1. did you take this from IN the water?!!! ;)

  2. Yes, such is my dedication to this blog that I pulled up my pants and waded into the chilly water on a 12 degree evening.

    Hehe. No. There's a temporary walkway there while they do work on the bridge which juts out into the river.

  3. Thank goodness you weren't IN that awful bilge water, Jayne, my cousin does work for the EPA to check the water quality and it's yuk, yuk, hideous, yuk, plague-ridden, vile, putrid, yuk, yuk and more yuk.
    Yes, those are official medical terms lol.
    But I love the photo ;)

  4. FL - Nice one. good reflections on the water.


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