Saturday, 25 April 2009

Anzac Day

Shrine of Remembrance
(The statues at the other three corners of the Shrine
portray Patriotism, Justice, and Peace
and Goodwill)


  1. It´s very grandiose. Statues of lions are always cool to me.

  2. Lest we Forget..

    There was a great doco on the ABC the other night about a high school history teacher who helped find 5 missing diggers and then track the families down in Oz. One of the diggers was buried by his brother who went back a few years later but could never find the body.

    amazing story emphasizing the efforts made in Europe after Gallipoli.

  3. Hey chrome. It's extremely grandiose. All of the statues I mentioned feature the two lions, the little boy and a woman, which strikes me as odd considering men are the ones who usually start wars, fight them and end them. Do you know what lions signify?

    Hi Jayne. Indeed. It's a very affecting place, even without the Last Post playing. That always gets me.

    Hi db. I think I saw a little of that but wasn't paying proper attention, which seems a shame now.


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