Sunday, 19 April 2009


Arts Centre


  1. Ooooh - la la... glorious!

  2. At least the fountains are going again around Melbourne. After having them all turned off for so long to try and save a few litres.

    Are you getting the night shots to work a bit better?

  3. Thanks Cath!

    Hey db. They are, but quite intermittently, it seems. One across the road from the Arts Centre wasn't going, but I'd seen it operating a few weeks back. It was latish though.

    Some night shots are going OK. Cityscapes...not to much.

  4. do you have a tripod Jayne? seems like an odd question hahaha!

    fred bought me a cool one for my birthday - it is about 10cm high and is bendable with 3 grippy legs, so you can attach it to poles, fences, trees etc as well as using on the floor. it's super light too, so if you have a giant handbag like me you can take it everywhere without too much hassle. it helps with night shots because you can use a much longer exposure without having to stress about blurring.

  5. I do have a little one like that and I do have it tucked away in my big bag, but often find I'm out and about with a different small bag when I need to use it. Blur isn't really the issue with night shots though - or the only issue.


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