Sunday, 1 March 2009


The Nylex clock draws a blank (don't bother squinting this time, there's nothing to see).
At least the 'Men, "do it" longer' billboard has gone.


  1. Paul Kelly immortalised it in song but surely we won't lose the Nylex clock now Nylex has gone into receivership?

  2. AHHH I know that place!! we seem to visit the same places. i wonder if i've ever almost run into you somewhere. Scary to think.(found you via magnetoboldtoo on twitter, and then our great southern land blog)

  3. FL - still on the b+W capers! I agree on the "do it longer" sign has gone.. I cannot picture a man on his way to work thinking "hmm i did have issues getting it up last night" and calling the good people at the dodgy nasal technology instititute.

  4. Hi Jayne. I certainly hope we don't lose it. Even if the clock stays with a different just wouldn't be the same. It will always be the "Nylex clock".

    It has been on the blink a few times since it was resurrected, so I'm hoping it's just another temporary glitch.

    Hello Crazy Raincloud. Thanks for dropping in (especially after such a convoluted path...who is magnetoboldtoo? I'll have to go check.). It certainly is possible that we have passed each other on the street...

    Hey db. It looks more dramatic and interesting in black and white. It is hard to imagine....boom tish.

  5. been having to look at different photographers as part of my latest Uni subject, and was reminded of you when i was looking at Rex Dupain's stuff...he is probably most famous for his beachy shots, but some of his cityscapes made me think of you :)

  6. oops sorry - it was his father Max who was famous for the beachy stuff! (though Rex does similar stuff)

  7. Out on Saturday and found that the Nylex clock does work, but only on the other side. Beautiful shot of our beautiful city!

  8. Hey Victoria. Thank you - that's quite a compliment!

    Hi Miss Diarist. Interesting...clearly I haven't ventured far from my humble abode in the last week or so or I would have noticed. And thank you!


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