Thursday, 12 March 2009

Grey morning

Punt Road - Swan Street intersection


  1. Looks a bit like the UK... lol...!

  2. Hi..
    Nice blog..
    ☆ Martinha ☆

  3. Gotta love those grey mornings, not enough of 'em ;)

  4. The rain was excellent. Even on 774 they were taking calls and sms from people saying where it was raining.

  5. Rainy ?, cloudy ?, grey ?...this must be MELBOURNE.

    So good to see some of the moist stuff down there, I bet all the gardens are breathing a cool sigh of relief.

    Sorry to see you have been "crook" hope you are all better now.The extra day off was just too much to cope with... lol.

  6. Hi Cath. One key difference is we really want more grey, wet mornings like this and you've probably had enough to last you a lifetime!

    Hello Martinha. Thank you!

    Hey Jayne. I can't believe we're saying such things....

    Hi db. Times certainly have changed...

    Hello Abbeysmum. The Melbourne of yore, yes. I am feeling better now, thank you.


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