Thursday, 26 March 2009


Union Lane, city


  1. Lovely shot! It makes me want to get lost, alone, in the city!

  2. shows you can be a lone in the big city!

    did you have to organise the subject FL? or was it a coincidence?

  3. It's past time that I took Feral Beast on another meandering walking exploration of the city!

  4. Thanks Emm.

    Hey db. Yep, it does - and this was taken just after 5.30 too, when all the city workers would have been on the way home, yet he still had the lane to himself (well, apart from me).

    It was a coincidence - even if I'd arranged him, I couldn't have arranged for no one else to be there.

    Hi Jayne. Of course I highly recommend meandering walking expeditions in the city.


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