Sunday, 15 March 2009

Remnants of an industrial past

Cremorne Street, Richmond


  1. I was watching the clock as Paul Kelly was singing 'leaps and bounds' on Saturday.

    Also I drove past the Amcor site near the yarra river and Chandler Highway and it is up for sale. Massive site close to the city.

  2. Not so industrial when it was originally a fun park way back when.
    Twas known as Cremorne Gardens with it's own train station, etc.
    LOL @ DB, was thinking the same thing when he was singing Leaps and Bounds ;)

  3. Hey db. I was thinking about the clock when I heard him singing Leaps and Bounds on the radio and how it was such an appropriate setting.

    Wow, that's a huge site. I didn't realise Amcor was moving out (or had already).

    Hi Jayne. I actually went down Cremorne Street looking for what a new sign on Swan Street pointing to what was the "Cremorne Pleasure Gardens" (because why would you not want to visit a site dubbed Pleasure Gardens?). But when you walk down there, there's nothing else to signify where these gardens actually were, which I thought was a bit stupid (or maybe I'm blind). So thanks for the link! I'll have a sticky later (when I'm not meant to be working).

  4. Jayne, I'm back! Thanks for that link. How fascinating! The gardens sound like they were pretty special. There is a big brass plaque on a building down there now commemorating Australia's first hot air balloon flight, but not much else to hint at the street's days as home to the "pleasure gardens".

  5. Hey Jayne, That is amazing history regarding the gardens.


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