Friday, 6 March 2009

A Moomba triple treat

Southgate - St Kilda Road underpass on my way to Moomba

Moomba sideshow alley

Skywheel at Birrarung Marr

I took more than 160 photos today - too hard to choose just one! Too hard to choose only three actually...


  1. love love love the clowns :)(and the others are great too!)

    did you ride the wheel???

  2. Love 'em!
    Those clowns (well not those exact clowns but some of them out there on the sideshow circuit) are almost 100 yrs old. Can never think of the Melb Show or Moomba or Mordialloc Festival without thinking of those clowns.

  3. Hi Victoria. No, I didn't ride the wheel that night, but I have been on it before.

    Hi Jayne. I didn't know there were such old clowns still around but I like it. Adds a little olde worlde charm to what is mostly a tacky and garish display.


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