Monday, 2 March 2009

A lap of The Tan

Joggers, walkers and a few tourists throng the path around the Royal Botanic Gardens, known as The Tan Track or just The Tan. The nickname isn't an abbreviation of 'botanic' but rather a reference to the tan bark that used to line the path.


  1. Black and white really does lend a lot of atmosphere to a photo, I like that.

    Have you heard of the exhibition called Vintage Dolls ?
    Looks good!

  2. A guy I used to work with was an endurance athlete and he would run to work from St kilda to Mt Waverley then run home after work and do a lap or two of the tan on the way!!!

    It certainly gets a workout (pun intended).

  3. The gardens and the tan are treasures. I love the mix of people you run into around there.

  4. Hi Jayne. It certainly does. Sometimes it can turn the mundane into something a litte bit more interesting. Thankfully.

    Hey db. What a lunatic.

    Hello Miss Diarist. Absolutely! It's a great place for people watching.

  5. FL - yes he is! he has ran the 100km oxfam trailwalker a few times.


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