Monday, 25 January 2010

Tis me!

Told you I was going to post some self-portraits, didn't I? No way posting it in large format though.
Also, look! I have one eye bigger than the other! Stupid glasses. 
(Note to self: book hair appointment.)


  1. A shampoo mohawk without the shampoo?

  2. I can barely stand photos of myself and I certainly don't take my own picture :).

    This turned out lovely. I don't know about the eyes, I'd need a micrometer to tell if one is actually bigger than the other in this photo.

  3. well hello there!

    Noice quiff dear! :)

    (and don't worry, we've all got a touch of wonk-eye ;) heh.)

  4. Lol! Great shot. Very confident you...

  5. Wow! Melbourne girl has a face! And some seriously wild hair.

  6. Top shot! Looking good, MG!

  7. Very funny - now about that hair-do...

    Superb photos on your blog.

  8. You better be careful you dont take someone's eye out with that hair FL!

  9. Seriously, I Love your hair! you're adorable! :)

  10. Hey Gillian. Yes indeedy!

    Hey Wayne. I have to take 50 photos before I get one where I don't look like one of Cinderellas ugly step sisters. I think my camera hates me. Probably no one would have noticed the illusion of the sloighlty bigger eye if I hadn't mentioned it!

    Hey AWIP. Quiff is getting a little bit out of control. Will be getting it cut this week.

    Yes, at least my wonky eye is an illusion. An illusion, I tells ya!

    Hi Cath. Yes, I ummed and ahhed about posting it...and I admit that I retouched it a little to make my skin look better. Ssssshhh!

    Hey AB. Yep, I thought it was time I came out from behind the camera.

    Hello Cara. Thanks. And thank you to the wonders of modern technology (for the retouch tool, specifically).

    Hey Wolynski. Thanks. Yes...the hair isn't to everyone's taste... But I likes it. After the hair cut it will be the same, only shorter.

    Hi DB. Yep - it's pointy and sharp. It's a head mounted weapon.

    Hi Diedre. Hehe. Thanks!

  11. Well done on taking such a good shot of yourself. I always manage to look more than a little stunted and constipated when I try.

  12. Hey Matthew. YThanks... but you should see the other 49 I deleted. I find it really hard to take a photo I look decent in

  13. i'd like to take some shots of you when i'm down your way next month Ms Frisky. if you would do me the honour.


  14. You are cool. I can´t see much difference in the size of your eyes. Just act like nothing´s wrong and nobody will notice!


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