Sunday, 17 January 2010


Old door, near the corner of Rowena Parade and Lennox Street, Richmond


  1. Just gorgeous, FL. I love the off-to-one-side composition. What does that little bit of lime writing say?

  2. There are heaps of these tpye of doors in Paris and yes I did take photos, which I will forward soon, been having HUGE clean up and chuck out, so energising to be rid of so much "STUFF"

  3. Lovely, I love photos of doors. (seriously!)

  4. Hi Julie. Um...lime writing where?!

    Hello Abbeysmum. Cleaning out and getting rid of stuff is fabulous for your state of mind as the state of your home. Looking forward to seeing your Paris pics.

    Hey Katya. Oh, I believe you! I'm the same!

  5. On the RHS at the top of the door in the sky blue planky bit ... lime writing ... see it?


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