Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tasmania: Part VI

Both peaks were shrouded in cloud when we got to Cradle Mountain



Mossy tree trunk

 Old boat shed



  1. ...and my backyard before Freycinet. I miss this place - 6 months living there and I still couldn't get the cloud-free "post-card" shot of the mountain with the boatshed :)

  2. These shots are awesome...don't be upset about the buildings falling apart, a small shift in perspective and you get to imagine the power of Mother Nature to gradually take apart what man perceives as so solid and put all of our puny efforts to naught just by doing nothing and being herself... ah the power of the female hehehe hahaha LOL Thanks for sharing the beauty of nature!:D

    1. Hi anon. Haha. Thanks. I wasn't so much upset about it (I do have a thing for photos of ramshackle houses) as just plain bewildered! I've never seen so many houses in such a state of disrepair in one place before. Very strange.


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