Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tasmania: Part V

Looking towards Cape Forestier from Cape Tourville,
Freycinet National Park (click to enlarge)

Sleepy Bay

Wineglass Bay

The path back from Wineglass Bay


  1. This used to be my backyard! Well, kind of - I worked here for the best part of three years. Beautiful place, no doubt.

  2. We bypassed Wine Glass Bay. Always leave yourself wanting. I didn't realise it was surf. Your Tassie photos are wonderful.

    1. Thanks Andrew. There's a LOT of trekking involved in getting to Wineglass Bay so you'd really need to be in the mood to go there, but other places in the Freycinet National Park (like Sleepy Bay and Cape Tourville) you can drive right to.

      I didn't go in the water because I'm a bit of a chicken about surf beaches (and the water was too cold). I'm not a good swimmer.

      Yep, we left a bit to see next time.


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