Sunday, 28 November 2010

What's happened... the Alma Doepel? She's berthed at Victoria Harbour in a very neglected state...
Ah, the interbwebs tell me she's being restored.


  1. I pass her on my occasional lunch-time walk down the docks to the Bolte Bridge. I usually see someone working on her.

    Completely off topic, but the reason I dropped by: what's happened with your Twitter account and why? I… well… I miss you.


  2. Hi Andrew. It looks like they have a long way to go yet before she's er...shipshape.

    Aw...that's so sweet. I deleted my account because I needed a proper time out (I can't leave it alone while I have an active account). I wasn't in a happy place and twitter was making me feel worse rather than better.

    But I'm back now - @fauxbrarian. Look me up!

  3. it's kind of sad to see that it has gotten run down....i went on the alma doepel 10+ years ago on an evening cruise out of sorrento and it was a beautiful old boat


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