Tuesday, 2 November 2010


The Sandridge Bridge. I love the way this original brickwork was left exposed. 

The  Eliza Tinsley Engineering sign remains on what is now
known as the Eliza Tinsley Building on Bourke Street.

Bricked in doorways on Barry Lane (these buildings front onto
Queen Street). The original brickwork is so old it's virtually crumbling.

That shadow of a demolished building still visible on the side
of the Shot Tower at Melbourne Central.

More bricked in doors/windows on what I'd say was once a warehouse.
I can't make out what the old sign says. This is the back of McDonald's
 on the corner of Elizabeth and Therry Streets near Victoria Market.

The old Carlton Brewery on the corner of Bouverie and Victoria Streets,
 the site of a major new development. Part of the building
already appears to have been demolished but I'm assuming
 the imposing exterior will be retained because they've propped
 it up with steel supports.

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  1. These are the sort of images I love: the hints of what was there before. The bluestone brewery wall is just gorgeous.


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