Monday, 15 March 2010



  1. I got sent pictures of the recent hailstorm and flooding today. What a contrast to this shot.

    I think I need to book my next visit to Melbourne. It's been way too long.

  2. Hi Matthew. Yup, it was mad. I was so disappointed I missed it all and only got pictures of the aftermath several hours later.

    Autumn is a great time to visit Melbourne.

  3. this is a beautiful scene. the colors are perfect.

  4. Now this has to be on your way home from work. You take lots of shots from just this point. Where are you standing?

  5. Thanks Lily. I can even overlook the brownness of the river (the result of recent heavy storms) in this shot. It looks like instant coffee at the moment!

    And thanks Wayne and J Bar.

    Julie - yes, on my way home, from the Morrell Brige, which is near my house. It's one of Melbourne's most beautiful old bridges.

  6. Great compostion! Did you ever think of becoming a Frisky Photographer?


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