Sunday, 14 March 2010


I went to Costco for the first time today after it opened in August. It's a wonderland of conspicuous consumption, which I'm philosophically opposed to,


  1. How long has Costco been in Australia?

    I was a regular in Costco for years but I dislike them now. And I'm philosophically opposed to paying for a membership in order to spend my money :-)

  2. It is the sort of place that sends a shudder down my spine. I would only go there to save bucks!


  3. Hi Wayne. Costco opened in Melbourne last August but I'm not sure if that store was the first.

    The place goes against many of my principles but I was still blown away by it. I doubt I'll buy a membership - for a start, I don't have a car so buying in bulk is difficult and as I'm single and don't have a a freezer or a lot of spare storage space, buying some things in bulk doesn't make sense anyway. But on a deeper level, I prefer to buy Australian products, I like to keep unnecessary packaging to a minimum and to buy eco-friendly products when I can. Costco mostly fails those tests.

    Hey Julie. Yeah, I was equally appalled and amazed!


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