Monday, 15 February 2010

Room with a view

The tree outside my bedroom window was cut down today, giving me an almost uninterrupted view to the horizon. I wish they'd fix the Nylex Clock (on silo at left).


  1. Is that going to make it either swelter or freeze? Which direction are we looking?

    Why was the tree cut down?

  2. I have spent two months walking past that clock, more-or-less twice daily, following the river from South Yarra to the CBD (and back again). Sigh. Nostalgia. Ghosts of MICFs past.

  3. Hi Julie. It's facing east so I will get more morning sun. It probably won't make a huge amount of difference heat-wise, except on really, really hot days. The owner of the building cut down two trees in the yard to prevent possums getting into the ceiling. We had a rather unpleasant incident late last year involving a long-deceased possum in the ceiling....*shudders*

    Hey Dom. I've spent 5 years doing that. It's a very pleasant walk.


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